Sunday, July 12, 2009


One of my favorite things to do when I was a little girl was to get manicures from my mom. She would set up a little table and make it look just like the salon! We even had one of those cool dishes you rest your hands in to soak your nails. When my mom did my nails we would talk about all sorts of things! Boys, projects, how messy my room was, school, my name it, we talked about it! It was a great to time to hang out with my mom and chill together! My mom, Maggie and I still get together and spend plenty of time doing our nails, putting make up on each other, doing our hair and just being nerds together...cute nerds! More important than what we look like when we are done playing dress up are the conversations and things we learn about each other. So grab the little lady in your life and have some fun!

Coming Soon:
A super awesome end of summer give away!
Totally free craft idea to do at home with stuff you already have laying around!
Leopard Print Manicure!

Peace Out Girl Scouts, Ellie


  1. haha sooo cute!

  2. all Mackenzi and Skyler want now are WATERMELON nails...we're going to go give it a try!! XOXO Kelli :)


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