Friday, August 28, 2009

Wonderful World of Window Clings!

So the weather is uber crappy here in the Chi today (well actually for about the last week)! What better to do than bust into the new school supplies you bought for your girlz and make something fabulous with them...since your stuck in the house anyway! The Glitter Girlz have you covered! This should all be stuff you have right in your house so you don't even have to spend any additional dough. Pretty radical huh? Follow the steps below and you will have some super fantastical window/refrigerator clings....


1. Get all the "Stuff" together.
-Glitter (duh!)
-Cookie Cutters
-Wax Paper (I had to use foil but use WAX!)
-Food Coloring
-Little Bowls

2. Pour some glue in a little bowl (I personally only use Fiesta Ware because its pretty). Add a TINY bit of water. I'm talking like 5 drops. Add a few drops of food coloring to the mix and stir it up until its just a little bit runnier than normal Elmers. You need to be able to pour it. It should be about the consistency of shampoo.

3. Lay your cookie cutter on the foil or wax paper with the sharp side on the paper. Metal cutters work the best but use whatever you've got! Fill the shapes with thin layers of the colorful glue. The layer should be as thin as possible without being see through at all! You may have to push the glue around in the shape so that every little nook is filled...this is important! You can also use your spoon to drizzle glue into crazy free form shapes. Check out the stems I made for my flowers!

4. Repeat the previous steps with more colors and more shapes! You probably have quite a few windows in your go crazy, make a million of these things!

5. Now its time for the fun part, the GLITTER! We only use Martha Stewart glitter....duh! But you can use whatever kind you'd like. Sprinkle different colors on your shapes until your little heart is content. I tend to go overboard with this part. I tend to go overboard with most things though. As Mae West said, "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful".

6. Now comes the part I hate. WAITING! Ugh. I hate waiting for anything...especially a craft or my nails to be done drying. These normally take about 10 hours to dry. Thats like 10 episodes of 90210 you can watch (old school 90210).

7. The big reveal! Okay so this the fun part. Carefully peel the cling away from the foil and the cookie cutter and VOILA! You did it girl. You may have to trip the edges with scissors wear the glue bled under the cookie cutter a bit.

Stick these babies on the windows or the fridge and people will be jealous. just saying :-)

Have fun! xoxo. Ellie

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This weekend was Lalapalooza here in the Chi and I'm sure it was a pretty fun party...BUT nothing compared to the Glitterfest we had! Friday night was our first ever "Go Make Something Sparkly!" Workshop and it was AWESOME! We had lots of different groups of girls and they are were all so much fun! If your girls didn't have the chance to attend be sure to sign them up for the next one by emailing! All the girls were pretty pumped with their pillows and they were all so YOU-nique! We had the workshop at the Hotel Indigo in Vernon Hills...seriously the cutest hotel!

Jodie and I will be hosting a "Skool Is Kool!" workshop at the end of September and your girls should be there!

If you'd like to see all the pictures from the workshop and the party pics from the weekend click THIS!

xoxo, Ellie

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