Wednesday, July 15, 2009

People Who Sparkle: Maggie

A little while back my sister called me to tell me that her husband, Chris, and her were going to start the process of adoption. I'm sure there are many of you who have been through this process and I am certain it changed your life. Georgia, GiGi is what I call her, is now nearly four months old and has so powerfully impacted my family. She has no idea how much she is loved and how many lives she has already affected. My sister has a pretty tremendous blog about Georgia's journey to her and Chris and their journey as parents afterward. Maggie talks about adoption very openly...the good, the not so good, the TOTALLY AWESOME! Maggie has recently contacted a number or parenting publications on the possibility of writing a column on adoption. She explains it all much better than I do. Please take a few moments to check it out and share it with anyone you feel would enjoy it or benefit from it. There's lots of "moms to be" out there who are considering adoption that would really love to hear what my sister has to say.

10 Reasons Why Maggie Makes Life Sparkly, in no particular order:

10- She wears sparkly eyeshadow.

9- She is often the only one who can talk me out of doing something totally irrational without making me mad.

8- She is a great wife. I love watching Maggie and Chris together. Its like watching a really good band perform live...every thing just works. Sometimes they have loud crazy songs and sometimes they play nice lovey dovey type stuff...either way, it sounds good and they compliment each other.

7- She is an amazing teacher! I googled my sister a few years ago (I know thats creepy. Chances are if I know your last name I've googled you too :-) and all these lesson plans she wrote came up...AMAZING! Lets just say, If I had a history who used Kanye West songs in her lesson plans I may know a thing or two about history. I've had the opportunity to meet many of Maggies previous students...The report from them is always the same, "She's the strictest teacher, the FAVORITE teacher, and the best dressed teacher"....duh.

6- She never made me feel like I was "just" the little sister. Maggie always went out of her way to include me in pretty much everything she did and never complained about it. I think this impacts me more now because I am always with little and big sisters and see how some little sisters get treated....BE NICE KIDDOS!

5- She pretty much always wins arguments. Sometime I call Maggie before I know I'm going to "get into it" with someone (not that I'm a major time scrapper- but ya know) and get a few good jumping off points just to really be able to blow them outta the water. She always delivers. I've even used this technique with our very own parents :-)

4- She is a WAY better cook than I am...nuff said.

3- She is funny.

2- She is the only other person in the world who knows allllllllllllll my history and still loves me! Every boy I've dated (and trust me, there's too many), every class I failed, every curfew I missed, every performance I had, all my happy days, all my sad days...she's cool with all of it!

1. She is a better mother than she will ever know. TRUST ME MAGGIE- you are.

Call your sister and tell her how much you love her, Ellie

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  1. Wow! What can I say but thank you for the fabulously kind words. And to think that as I read about what a good mom I am I'm listening to G protest in her loudest 'voice' ever what she thinks about me putting her to bed despite the fact that she'd been rubbing her eyes and yawning so big I thought she was going to turn her head inside out. Love to all the glitter girls!


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