Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Life's short, buy the shoes"...

...and then make them even cuter!  Jodie and I saw a pair of super fab "junked out" ballet flats a few weeks ago at one of our favorite spots, Forever 21.  We simultaneously picked them up and both agreed that we needed to recreate the shoes.  We would of course make them better, sparklier, add more junk to them and have the satisfaction of knowing that we made them ourselves.  So here they are.  This is really fun project for you to do with your little cutie or for yourself (like I did).  Collect a bunch of cool junk, buy a pair of ballet flats and get ready to answer the question, "Where did you GET THOSE?" about a thousand times!

1.  Start with a pair of flats.  I of course picked a pair that came with some sparkle already included.  You can totally use a pair you already have in your closet!

2.  Gather bows, fabric flowers, sequins, rhinestones and other fun miniature items to add to your shoes.  Be sure the adhesive you are using is appropriate for the material your shoes are made out of.  I took the time to sew on the bows and rose beads.  I'm not going to lie- it sucked and took a long time.  

3.  For the crystals I used "Aleenes Platinum Bond Glass & Bead Glue".  I've tried them all and its the best.

Be sure to let your shoes dry over night and then go out and strut your stuff!

Peace Love & Glitter,  Ellie

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"My Dad Rocks- A Black & Pink Ball"

"You girls really know how to throw a party!  I've never seen anything like this before and I'm 45!"  -St. James dad in attendance last night
Last night we had the honor of hosting "My Dad Rocks- A Black & Pink Ball" at the  St. James School in Arlington Heights!  The GGz had the honor of doing it all on this one.  From the logo, invites, DIY activities (of course), pink carpet and our AMAZING MC and Dancer , "E is for Energy Evangela" we kept this event  hoppin!

The daddy's and daughters dressed to impress!  Real men do wear pink....a whole bunch of it.

And to Heather and the other St. James moms that made the event possible, THANK YOU!  We can't wait to do it again next year.

Jodie and I truly believe there are moments in every girl's life that only happen once. Moments that bring true happiness. We are devoted to helping you make these moments sparkle. We are committed to making your child's celebration as unique as they are. Creating parties that will rock their socks off, a Glitter Girlz experience is sure to make every girl feel special and ignite in them the desire to let their imagination run wild! ....because that is, after all, how The Glitter Girlz were born.  If there is a party or event we can help you create please send me an email!
Keep on Rockin'


Each girl and her father designed and created a "Loop Scarp"!

A few dads may be looking at a career change!  He's a natural!


Bags of custom scarves ready to be heat-pressed!

"You change your mind, like a girl changes clothes"! Sing-A-Long!

Slow dance with daddy.

What's a party without a swag bag?

Totally my fave outfit of the night!

A few of the GGz Posse.  Steph, Candy and Vivi!

Mini Bike racing!!!!!  Dads won :-(

Scarves ready to be assembled by the GGz.

Who doesn't love a good twirl?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"The Glitter Girlz Hatz Foundation"...launching soon! Very Soon!

“There are sensitive, age-appropriate ways to introduce kids to issues 
in the world around them so that they are portrayed not as unsolvable 
and scary, but as opportunities to make a difference.” 
— Ellen Sabin, author of The Giving Book 

We have the opportunity to help girls just like us battling hair loss.  But of course we're putting a perfectly funky fresh twist on the whole deal.  Stay Tuned....this is going to be big!  Wish I had more time to write but I need to go to bed!

xoxo.  Ellie

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Craft Til You Drop" @ your Park District

The Glitter Girlz will be offering workshops, summer camps and birthdays parties at select Park Districts! If you want to see our workshops and parties at your park call them or call us. We've learned there is nothing more convincing than the voice of a mom...or a group of moms! We have other districts (and hopefully schools in the city) in the works. We are also considering after school programs. Currently this is what we are offering in addition to our "normal" services.

"GO MAKE SOMETHING SPARKLY WORKSHOPS": Join us the first Friday of every month from 6pm-8pm as The Glitter Girlz present "Go Make Something Sparkly Workshops". All materials are included in the $40/girl per workshop price. Ages 6-12. Workshops begin in March and space is limited. Email, call or facebook The Glitter Girlz with any questions! Call the park to register today, 847-996-6800.

“Pajama Jam” March 5 6pm-8pm

You will create a pair of pajama pants…cozy, comfy and customized by you! Wear

your favorite PJ’s to the workshop, of course! Pajama pant size is due at the time of registration. Registration is due February 18.

“Clutter Be Gone” April 2 6pm-8pm

You will create a totally unique storage container to organize a bunch of your girl

stuff! Wear your wackiest miss matched outfit to the workshop!

“Off the Wall” May 7 6pm-8pm

You will create a decorative wall hanging for your bedroom. Wear an outfit that

matches your bedroom to the workshop!

"Flip Floppin and Fabulous” June 4 6pm-8pm

You will create Flip Flops and a Summer Tote. Wear your favorite summer outfit to

the workshop. Shoe size is due at time of registration. Registration is due May 27.

“Red, White and Glitter July 2 6pm-8pm

You will create a headband, necklace and bracelet. Wear red, white and glitter to

the workshop!

“Kickin it Kool Back To School” August 13 6pm-8pm *note this is the 2nd Friday

You will create a funky and functional pair of shoes. Wear your oldest and grimiest

pair of shoes to the workshop! Shoe size is due at time of registration.

“Pencil Me In Please!” September 3 6pm-8pm

You will create a large school year calendar for your desk or wall. Wear your school

colors to the workshop!

MINI SUMMER CAMP: The Glitter Girlz mini summer camp will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday the week of August 9-August 13. 9:30am-11:00am. All materials are included in the $100/girl workshop price. Ages 6-12. Space is limited. Ages 6-12. Email, call or facebook The Glitter Girlz with any questions! Click here to download the VH Summer Program Guide, we're on pg 20! Call the park to register today, 847-996-6800.

“Back to Cool” Mini Camp M,W,F August 9-August 13 9:30am-11:00am

You will create a hoodie/pants set and a back-to-school ready messenger bag. Get ready to make back to school gear! Each day of camp we will focus on creating a different item. Each item will be YOU-nique to represent your style. Hoodies and pants are perfect for school or home and who doesn’t love to throw their books in a super cute messenger bag! These items are guaranteed to look just as cool (but probably cooler!) as something you would buy at your favorite store. Learn how to be your own fashion designer and make couture “Back to Cool” gear! Please indicate hoodie and pants sizes at time of registration. *The items made at camp pair up perfectly with the shoes we make at the August workshop so be sure to sign up for that too!


THE GLITTER GIRLZ BDAY PARTIES: The Glitter Girlz are offering our "I Heart Parties" birthday parties at the Prospect Heights Park District! Ages 4-16, as always parties are customized to reflect the age of the participants. All activity materials are included in the $30/girl price. Food/Cake is not provided by The Glitter Girlz but may be provided by the park. There is a 10 girl minimum per party. Email, call or facebook The Glitter Girlz with any questions! Click here to download the PH Program Guide, The Glitter Girls Parties are on pg 32! Call the park to book your party today, 847-394-2848.

PRE "DADDY DAUGHTER PRINCESS BALL" APPOINTMENTS: Book a pre Princess Ball appointment with The Glitter Girlz. Appointments include a glittering hair do, nail paint and a fancy blingin' ring! The Ball is on February 12. Appointments start at 3pm, last approx 20 minutes and are $15/girl. The Princess Ball begins at 6:30pm so space is extremely limited. Email, call or facebook The Glitter Girlz with any questions! Click here to download the PH Program Guide, The Glitter Girlz Princess Ball appointments are on pg 11! Call the park to grab a spot today, 847-394-2848.

"GO MAKE SOMETHING SPARKLY WORKSHOPS": Join us the each month as The Glitter Girlz present "Go Make Something Sparkly Workshops". Workshops are from 6pm-8pm. All materials are included in the $40/girl per workshop price. Ages 5-12. Email, call or facebook The Glitter Girlz with any questions! Click here to download the PH Program Guide, The Glitter Girlz "Go Make Something Sparkly Workshops" info is on page 12! Call the park to register today, 847-394-2848.

“Your Fashion is Smashin'” Friday February 19 6pm-8pm

You will create and alter your very own fashion tee. Girls will learn design concepts and about commercial garment production. Wear your flashiest fashions and most fabulous jeans to wear home with the shirt you make at the end of the workshop!

“Spring Fever Wednesday March 17 6pm-8pm

You will create customized (by you) can't-buy-it-in-a-store decor! Each girl will make a magazine/book organizer and pen/pencil holder. Wait until your parent see how spring clean your work area is!

“Create, Celebrate & Donate” Friday April 2 6pm-8pm

You will create 2 fun, funky and fashionable hatz. One to keep and one to donate to a girl just like you who is facing hair loss due to medical treatment. The hatz that are donated will be lined with interchangeable tracks of hair. Click here to learn more about The Glitter Girlz Hatz Foundation.

For all the latest Glitter Gossip become our fan on FACEBOOK and follow us on TWITTER!

Thats about all! We'll keep you posted. XOXO Ellie

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