Thursday, July 9, 2009

People That Sparkle: Nicole

Jodie and I had a breakfast meeting with our friend Nicole this morning. Nicole and I became friends while working together almost five years ago, I was also fortunate enough to get to know Nicole personally. Nicoles role was Director of Advertising and Marketing but she did SO MUCH MORE. I always respected Nicole when I worked with her because she just seemed to always "rise the occasion"....whatever the occasion may be. Throw a QUALITY 45 minute presentation together in 3 hours to present to the "higher-ups" complete with power point and visual aids- DONE, learn adobe illustrator as if she'd went to art school on a PC- DONE, dance to "Who Let The Dogs Out" in front of 120 people- DONE, let the florist know exactly how off the color of the flowers were on her wedding day- DONE (that was actually just kinda scary :-) pull together a $20,000 dollar photo shoot on a $20 budget- DONE, come to office with the biggest "wall of bangs" on "Flashback to the 80's Day"- DONE....

Nicoles enthusiastic energy is contagious and today her energy was all about The Glitter Girlz, it was an honor. Her willingness to help us is SO amazing! Talk about a person whose heart is in the right place and filled with passion for things she believes in. Words cannot explain how wonderful it is to see that Nicole believes in what we are doing and is willing to help us follow our dream.

Jodie and I are learning that when you start your own company you tap into every resource you have. Anyone you know who is good at something is probably going to get hit up for a donation of their services or particular area of expertise. Well today was officially "Hit Nicole Up Day"...

Once again Nicole wowed me by rising to the occasion...

"Your Life is an Occasion, Rise To It"


I must apologize for the lack of nail tutorial that I spoke of yesterday! I told you I would post it today and I am a bad little lie teller. Its not ready. However, I did the mani and pedi on my little cousin Olivia last night and IT is AMAZING! Lets just say she was most def the most happenin 8 year old at summer camp today. Tutorial will be up tomorrow...CROSS MY HEART HOPE TO DIE STICK A NEEDLE IN MY EYE!

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