Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FASH BASH 09! Krazy Kenzi turns 7!!!!

The Loibens....ahhhh, The Loibens. aka The Glitter Girlz BIGGEST cheerleaders! Jodie and I had the pleasure of meeting "Mr. Lou Life of the Party Loiben" a few years back. Lou started his own party company back in the day, Personalities Inc. and has been more than supportive and helpful with our new adventure. Jodie and I can only dream to bring as many smiles to kids faces as Lou and his crew have brought to kids all over the country. Then there is "Mizz Super Mom Kelli Loiben", Lous wife. We can not thank her enough for all of the buzz they have created for us in the Vernon Hills area and for the opportunity to do both of their girls birthday (Mackenzi and Skyler just happen to the be the cutest little girls in the world btw). One thing is certain....no amount of ad space or PR can get you more attention than one crazy cool mom with a perfectly glossed big mouth!

Friday night we celebrated "Fash Back 09....Kenzi turns 7!" In true Loiben style it was an incredible bash. We had 35 girls all in their house, of course Lou was throwing a dance party in the basement and the girls all designed one of a kind tshirts! This was a family affair...we had aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas....everybody was gettin down and dirty with their fashion designing selves! Pretty awesome.

My two favorite parts of the night were Mackenzi's joke:

Q. How do you make Lady Gaga sad?
A. Poker Face
Q. How do you make Lady Gaga happy again?
A. Just Dance


the concert that 8 of the girls put on at the very end of the night, complete with choreography and a curtain call.

Girls like Mackenzi and her friends along with parents like Lou and Kelli are the reason Jodie and I started The Glitter Girlz. They believe in creativity, the importance of "never growing up", not taking life too seriously and just having a blast!

xoxo, Ellie


  1. awwww...we love you guys!!!!! xoxo

  2. Great! Looks like everyone had a fabulous time!
    Pat B.


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