Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Peace, Love & Martha Stewart Glitter!

Growing up most girls see their moms reading things like Red Book, Ladies Home Journal, "Questionable" Fabio type romance novels and an occasional Chicken Soup for the Soul. Not at my house. I'm pretty confident my sister and I were read bedtime stories from Martha Stewart Living. My mother, I prefer to call her Marsh- her name is Marcia, has EVERY issue ever published...all the way back when the paper was real thick and nice. She hoards her MSL's big time ...along with her craft supplies, jewelry, dishes and candles- but whatev. My mom passed along the love of Martha to both my sister Maggie and I. When I met Jodie 6 years ago and she expressed her love of "good things" I knew we would get along just fine.

Jodie and I heard about a competition that Mz. Stewart had created for young woman who have turned their dreams into a business or philanthropic organization. We entered! We were pretty excited when we were contacted by Marthas producers this week to inform us that we would be featured in their newsletter. You all know our business is still VERY young and we are trying as hard as we can to create a glittery buzz about what we do. To even be looked at by Marthas peeps was enough to super charge us to work twice as hard to continue turning our dream into a reality.

Martha is an amazing source of inspiration to us every day at 11am when we watch her show here in Chicago and we are so honored.

We will be sure to keep you updated on the competition!

Be sure to check the blog tomorrow! We will be posting a deliciously cute totally free tutorial video on a mani pedi idea you can do at home with your girlios.

sweet dreams, ellie

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  1. Funny thing about MS mags.....I've recently been involved in a project whereby I am going through all my mags, ripping out what I like and throwing the rest away. Just don't have the room for them anymore! I know......a travesty.


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