Saturday, July 31, 2010

CHA Super Show

Happy Saturday to all of you! Jodie made me go to Home Depot at 6 am (like we were there at 6 in the morning) so I was a little cranky this morning. But then we went to the Craft and Hobby Association Super Show and that put the glossy smily right back where it belongs. It was awesome. I would have to say the highlight for me was meeting a few crafting high rollers. These people eat glitter, sleep in uncut bolts of fabric and have more swarovski studded clothing than Ed Hardy. My kind of peeps. Our two faves were THE CRAFTY CHICA and Sarah Moore from CRAFTCRITIQUE.COM. Oh, there was also a man with Hello Kitty underpants. He was pretty killer as well. Check out the pics!

Immediately following this post I'm going to post some pictures of the loft and the decorating/design process...since thats all you people keep asking about!

Peace, Love & Glitter,


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