Saturday, January 23, 2010

"My Dad Rocks- A Black & Pink Ball"

"You girls really know how to throw a party!  I've never seen anything like this before and I'm 45!"  -St. James dad in attendance last night
Last night we had the honor of hosting "My Dad Rocks- A Black & Pink Ball" at the  St. James School in Arlington Heights!  The GGz had the honor of doing it all on this one.  From the logo, invites, DIY activities (of course), pink carpet and our AMAZING MC and Dancer , "E is for Energy Evangela" we kept this event  hoppin!

The daddy's and daughters dressed to impress!  Real men do wear pink....a whole bunch of it.

And to Heather and the other St. James moms that made the event possible, THANK YOU!  We can't wait to do it again next year.

Jodie and I truly believe there are moments in every girl's life that only happen once. Moments that bring true happiness. We are devoted to helping you make these moments sparkle. We are committed to making your child's celebration as unique as they are. Creating parties that will rock their socks off, a Glitter Girlz experience is sure to make every girl feel special and ignite in them the desire to let their imagination run wild! ....because that is, after all, how The Glitter Girlz were born.  If there is a party or event we can help you create please send me an email!
Keep on Rockin'


Each girl and her father designed and created a "Loop Scarp"!

A few dads may be looking at a career change!  He's a natural!


Bags of custom scarves ready to be heat-pressed!

"You change your mind, like a girl changes clothes"! Sing-A-Long!

Slow dance with daddy.

What's a party without a swag bag?

Totally my fave outfit of the night!

A few of the GGz Posse.  Steph, Candy and Vivi!

Mini Bike racing!!!!!  Dads won :-(

Scarves ready to be assembled by the GGz.

Who doesn't love a good twirl?

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