Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Life's short, buy the shoes"...

...and then make them even cuter!  Jodie and I saw a pair of super fab "junked out" ballet flats a few weeks ago at one of our favorite spots, Forever 21.  We simultaneously picked them up and both agreed that we needed to recreate the shoes.  We would of course make them better, sparklier, add more junk to them and have the satisfaction of knowing that we made them ourselves.  So here they are.  This is really fun project for you to do with your little cutie or for yourself (like I did).  Collect a bunch of cool junk, buy a pair of ballet flats and get ready to answer the question, "Where did you GET THOSE?" about a thousand times!

1.  Start with a pair of flats.  I of course picked a pair that came with some sparkle already included.  You can totally use a pair you already have in your closet!

2.  Gather bows, fabric flowers, sequins, rhinestones and other fun miniature items to add to your shoes.  Be sure the adhesive you are using is appropriate for the material your shoes are made out of.  I took the time to sew on the bows and rose beads.  I'm not going to lie- it sucked and took a long time.  

3.  For the crystals I used "Aleenes Platinum Bond Glass & Bead Glue".  I've tried them all and its the best.

Be sure to let your shoes dry over night and then go out and strut your stuff!

Peace Love & Glitter,  Ellie

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