Friday, September 4, 2009

OH Snap!

Back to school shopping was always a REALLY big deal in my house...lets be honest, shopping in general was a big deal :-) My sister, Maggie, and I each got our own shopping days with my mom. There was no two timing us when it came to back to school shopping. Mom devoted two days to each of us. One day for supplies and one day for clothes. Come to find out much later in life (like a few weeks ago) my dad was actually the driving force behind this shoptastic yearly event! He thought it was important to start getting us excited for school well before the year actually started. My favorite of the two days was always the supply shopping day. I still love stopping in the school supply aisle at Target and picking up a new binder or a bran new pack of multi colored Sharpie pens. I think girls still get pretty pumped to buy their b2s goodies.

I nearly stopped in my tracks the other day when I saw a little girl and her binder. I asked her if I could see what she had done and she was more than willing to show me! I told her that I was going to blog about her cute idea and that she just may start a b2s 2009 trend. I've tried to recreate exactly what she did...check it out and try it yourself!

1. You need all the colorful elastic headbands you can find laying around...I have about 10 million.

2. Grab a binder, notebook or even text book!

3. Crisscross ten or so headbands around your binder. Make it extra funky and crazy or make a pattern.

4. Tuck writing utensils and other commonly used supplies behind the bands! Totally cute. Totally practical. Totally cheap!

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