Monday, July 6, 2009

A SUPER IMPORTANT DAY...kinda like the day you get ears pierced, but not painful.

So, This is a pretty big day for me. My first blog post. I've dreamt about this day for sometime...nightmared might be more accurate. Everyone tells Jodie and I, "You need to blog!" I've honestly been avoiding it like I avoid the color brown (I'm sorry mom but brown IS the ugliest color). When the subject of a blog came up Jodie quickly said, "Its all you Elle, I'll make guest appearances." I knew the ball was in my court. My sister, Maggie, has always been the writer in the fam and there is good reason for it. She is good at it. Maggie knows how to use things like commas, letters, dictionaries, paragraphs, the dewy decimal system, etc... So I guess you can take this as my pre-apology for poor grammar, bad punctuation and mis spelled werds ;-) I have tons of good stuff to say and tell you about, its just gonna be a little rough around the edges. Our blog will be the one thing we do primarily for moms. We spend most of our time devoted to your daughters but this is all about you Mamma! We'll post cool stuff that doesn't suck; activity/craft ideas for you and your girlz, ridiculous pictures, give away free parties and other Glitter Girl swag and of course journal about our sparkly little lives. So hold on to your glue guns we go!

I need to get back to watching "Doggie Make Overs" on the 4th hour of the Today Show.

xoxo, Ellie

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