Saturday, February 5, 2011


Valentine's Day is right around the corner and what a great reason to pick up some extra candy! And what would Valentine's Day be without that most recognizable of Valentine's Day staples; Sweethearts. Today I stumbled upon a bag of Sweethearts with a unique twist; "Dazzle Sweethearts." Each heart has a very fine mica glitter sheen to them. So FUN!

In case you were wondering who makes these popular Valentine's treats, here's a bit of history:

The candy heart has been in existence since the mid 1800s when the brother of the New England Confectionary Company's (or more commonly known as NECCO) founder, Olive Chase, devised a method for printing cute sayings onto the surfaces of the candy. Originally, these printed candies were used as novelty items at parties and weddings and weren't specifically designed with Valentine's Day in mind. In the early 1900s candy heart history was forever changed when the Sweetheart candy heart made its debut, capturing the minds (and hearts) of candy lovers everywhere.

As you might imagine, candy heart messages have changed considerably over the past 150 years, although some of the original sayings are still being used today. These include the classics such as "Be Mine" and "True Love." Today, in 2011, you can find some fabulous sayings like these:

Here are some fun ways to use Sweethearts for your Valentine!

Grab a glue gun and a picture frame and jazz it up with candy!

Embellish a handmade Valentine!

Or even make a hair clip!

We'll be posting some more fun and creative Valentine's Day ideas this week.

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