Monday, June 28, 2010


The night he "put a ring on it"...

So not only is Matt incredibly hilarious, smart, patient, down to earth, humble (I know, he's THAT HOT and HUMBLE? insane, right?) he is also uber romantic and thoughtful.

This weekend my parents and Matt had planned to come to town to help Jodie and I get settled, unpack stuff, etc at The Glitter Girlz Loft. So all day Friday and Saturday we did just that. Saturday morning Matt told me I had to be ready to leave in a "fancy" dress to go to The Ledge at the top of the Sears Tower (its now called the Willis Tower but I refuse to call it that). We had talked many times about how it was one of the only "Chicago Things" I hadn't done and really wanted to do.

5:45 on the dot we hopped in a cab with my parents and off we went. We traveled up 103 floors to the top of the building and waited in line for almost an hour to stand over the city that I have grown to love. We finally walked into the glass cube that hangs over the city, Matt gave me a kiss and we took a few pictures. I thought we had been in the cube for our allotted "take a few pics, gasp at the height, point out a few landmarks, wonder if people could see up my dress" amount of time when Matt turned and looked at me. He got down on bended knee (Boyz II Men Style) and asked me to marry him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody cheered, one guy screamed "Did she say 'yes'?", boyfriends were jealous they didn't think of that and I SMILED and CRIED and SMILED and KISSED Matt and said, "YES"! He put the most brilliantly shiny and perfect ring on my finger.

After we left The Sears Tower we went over to The Hancock building and had an amazing dinner overlooking the city from the 95th floor....complete with fireworks over the lake! Matt gave me a book of letters and photographs he had my best friends and family write congratulating me on my engagement. More crying, more smiling and more kissing.

All in all it was the most unforgettable night of my life and his hand is mine to hold forever.

Here are the pictures!

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